Creole Drummatix Musicians

Walter MacLean

Walter began performing in musical ensembles at the age of twelve in his native country, Germany. After deciding to turn professional in his teens, Mr. MacLean toured Europe and Africa before migrating to Toronto, Canada in 1994. Currently, Mr. MacLean is performing with the John T. Davis Quartet, Show-Do Man and the Parabolic Brazilian Group. Walter is a member of the Creole Drummatix, which operates as the musical ensemble of the company.

Richard Cumberbatch

A native of Trinidad, Mr. Cumberbatch (a.k.a. Popcorn) has been playing Afro-Caribbean drums and percussion for over twenty years. Since coming to Toronto, Richard has played widely in Canada and the United States for choirs, dance groups, poets and Caribbean folk arts groups in television, radio, and live performances. Besides drumming, "Popcorn" has musical experience on the keyboard, steelpan, guitar and vocals. He is also an accomplished drum and props maker.

Hudson Forde

Hudson is a founding member of Ballet Creole and has been playing drums since the age of five. He performed in Best Village in his native country Trinidad and has traveled extensively throughout the world acquiring gainful experience. He is currently with a dance group called Caribbean Folk Performers. Mr. Forde has been teaching drumming since 1985. Hudson's love of performance has put him in touch with dynamic groups of people in his life.

Derek Thorne

Derek was born and raised in Trinidad. In a twist of irony, however, he was introduced to Caribbean and African percussion only when he moved to Montreal at age 20. While studying English at McGill he became a founding member of Keteke, and learned Cuban drumming from Glen Clark and Vôvô, founder of Montreal Jazz Festival regulars Saroumbon. After graduating he came to Toronto, joining Ballet Creole in 1999 and Canboulay Dance Theatre in 2000. In 2001 he joined gospel/jazz fusion band ZOMA, where he sees his role as "rooting the band's New York/L.A. sound in the dirt of the tropics, where it originated in the first place".

Mikhail Parson

Mikhail is a musician in the making as a third-generation member of performing families. He started playing the drums from the age of one and a half, following his father, Patrick, to dance rehearsals at the Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre in Trinidad. He has a love for music and has taken drum classes with his father at the Afro-Caribbean Dance Program and with Ballet Creole. Mikhail also plays Steel Pan and currently plays in and around Toronto with Afro-Pan.

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